Sunday, 14 April 2013

An education continued

Good afternoon,

Been about a year since I last posted and I often wonder to myself how long these little adventures will last before the extremities of life takes over or I simply lose interest in favour of doing other things.
It is quite odd for me to be honest because I enjoy watching the sport so much more in the winter as it all leads up to the Cheltenham festival before it all comes to a close (in my eyes at least) at Aintree's grand national. However, saying that, the excitement overtakes me at this time of year as I know that the flat season being in full swing is upon us and I know that betting opportunities and trading on betfair are far more for me and my style of gambling.

I have missed the game so much in the last year but I have needed the break, following tipsters in the past has left a sort of mental scar with me as I have become so cynical over any tip that reaches me nowadays so I've not really had a decent bet until recently.
In the last year I have found a settled home and family life, improved myself and prospects at work which has come along with earning more money (win!). General happiness and the ways things are going in life have improved ten fold so it is safe to say that it has been a rather productive year since I decided to turn my back on gambling and tipping on here or to friends etc.
The hole it has left in my life is noticeable now though as I used to do this for enjoyment which was sort of lost on me back when I was last blogging as I found it a chore to look for betting opportunities each evening and being honest most of the time I had other things on my mind.

Now though I am ready to give this another go and use this blog as first intended, as another medium in which to express myself and recontinue my apprenticeship in successfully backing horses for a profit.

I have in the last couple of weeks familiarised myself with things and I have a list of horses to follow over the coming months, they aren't necessarily the type of horse that I am used to backing but being honest my stakes are nowhere near what they used to be so although I'm not expecting there to be any financial damage I can safely say that if it were to occur it wouldn't cripple me.

There won't be any schedule for me to stick to and I'll simply say now that if I feel like blogging then I will, if I feel like giving it a break for a few days then I shall and I'm not sure what direction my posts will take or how to structure them.

Hopefully I can strum up some interest for the right reasons and become successful and or entertaining in the process? (!)

Watch this space.



  1. Welcome back Matt, good to see you posting again and great to hear things are going well for you personally. Look forward to reading your blog in the months ahead.

    1. Long time no speak! Nice to hear from you mate, hope all is well with you?
      Last year has been a very positive one and I have my priorities sorted, hope to be able to have a little fun doing this again though and will keep me in touch with whats been going on as I've literally no idea.

      Fingers crossed for a memorable few months ahead for all the right reasons :)

  2. All good here mate, not a lot of time for betting or trading - working hard but enjoying it.

    Best of luck for the summer !